New Bill Adds Police, Firefighters to Hate Crime Law

May 7, 2017

House Bill would add police, firefighters and other first responders to the state hate crime law. 

Lawmakers in Lansing want to add law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics to Michigan’s hate crime law. 

They’ve introduced a bill that would make it an additional two-year felony to target a first responder. Proponents of the legislation say it would protect first responders from being targeted for violent or aggressive behavior.

Rep. Klint Kesto (R-Oakland) is a bill sponsor. He said there should be an enhanced penalty for targeting these professions.

“Direct targets in terms of violence, attacks, threats, directed at them not because of who they are as individuals but because they wear the uniform," said Rep. Kesto.

Opponents say legislation like this could dilute the intent of hate crime legislation – which is to protect certain, vulnerable, classes of people.