New exhibit offers a peek into Lansing's culinary past

May 30, 2013

Lansing may be known for many things -- the state capitol, a rich automobile history, the baseball juggernaut that is the Lansing Lugnuts -- but food is probably not one of them. 

"Lansing Eats!" aims to change that. The exhibit, launched as part of the city's "Be a Tourist In Your Own Town" initiative, bills itself as a "bite-sized look at the history and significance of food in the Lansing area." It will feature all types of artifacts and memorabilia related to food, from old menus from some of Lansing's most beloved restaurants to wads of petrified gum from the underside of lunch counters.   

Valerie Marvin, president of the Historical Society of Greater Lansing, discusses the new exhibit, which opens this Saturday.