'Primary Care' comes to WKAR TV Sundays

Apr 27, 2015

Sundays 2pm on WKAR TV | New culturally relevant health series launches first season on WKAR

Dr. Lonnie Joe, Jr.
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A new, informative and culturally relevant health series aimed at improving the health of African Americans comes to mid-Michigan this week as part of news and public affairs programs airing Sunday afternoons on local PBS affiliate WKAR.

Primary Care with Dr. Lonnie Joe airs Sundays at 2:00 p.m. on WKAR TV (23.1) beginning May 3.

Primary Care with Dr. Lonnie Joe looks at the health and care of patients from the perspective of primary care medicine to educate and inform viewers. Season one launches this month in mid-Michigan with eight exciting weekly episodes that discuss everything from obesity to diabetes, breast cancer to hypertension to heart disease.

Host Dr. Lonnie Joe, Jr., an internist and pulmonary disease specialist, discusses with physicians eight of the most debilitating conditions affecting African American health and what patients can do to prevent and better manage these conditions. “We want viewers to get basic information about their health, and buy into taking better care of themselves,” said Dr. Joe. “We also want health care professionals to be informed. We want them to know the latest medical advancements coming down the pike to be better equipped at treating patients.”

Primary Care with Dr. Lonnie Joe also educates viewers through patient stories. Patients share their personal stories which then get discussed by the host and guest physician. “Having patients share their own story in their own words helps viewers relate to the individual and learn about health conditions,” said Lillian Preston, president of OurHealth Media Network and creator of the show. “When you see someone who looks like you, or a family member, or friend you’re more apt to listen and be engaged.”

The new addition joins a Sunday afternoon of news and public affairs from noon to 6 p.m. on WKAR TV that includes Off the Record, McLaughlin Group, Washington Week, Spotlight On the News, Religion and Ethics Newsweekly and PBS NewsHour Weekend.

Primary Care with Dr. Lonnie Joe is a production of OurHealth Media Network, a leading producer of culturally relevant health and wellness videos and television programming.

About the Producer

Show producer and creator Lillian Preston is an alumna of Michigan State University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in telecommunication and also set scoring records as a member of the women's basketball team under Coach Karen Langeland. Prior to founding OurHealth Media Network in 2004, Preston held management positions in marketing and communications and spent 13 years of her career working in television as a producer/director at three major network affiliates -- ABC, CBS and Fox -- where she directed news, produced special programs and was a major contributor to Emmy Award winning productions.