Ron Paul Speaks at MSU on Eve of Michigan Primary

Feb 27, 2012

About 2,500 people gathered at Michigan State University Monday afternoon to attend a rally by GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul.  The Texas congressman is not expected to win tomorrow’s presidential primary in Michigan.  Most polls have him running well behind Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.  However, Paul does have enthusiastic supporters who intend to vote for him.

Josh DeCrescentis is a sophomore studying business at the University of Michigan.  He’s attracted to Paul’s ideas, especially his foreign policy views.  He says he’s kept the same message he had when he ran for president in 1988.

“He’s definitely been consistent," DeCrescentis says.  "You look at what he talked about back when I was born.  It’s the same issues but they’re a lot more relevant, and we can see a lot of things he was right on.”

Ron Paul has been criss-crossing the state making last minute appearances before the primary tomorrow.