Stepdancer Nic Gareiss on percussive dance, sexual identity and culture

Mar 21, 2013

Dancer Nic Gareiss. His MA thesis is called 'Queering the Feis: An Examination of the Expression of Alternative Sexual Identity in Competitive Irish Step Dance in Ireland.'
Credit Con Kelliher

  Nic Gareiss has performed traditional Irish dance and the dances of its Diaspora around the world. But for Nic, his performances are not just visual expressions, but audible ones. He understands the body in motion as a form of music.

Nic holds degrees in both anthropology and music from Central Michigan University and recently completed his Masters' in ethnochoreology at the University of Limerick in Ireland.  

Nic discusses his research interests including percussive dances, cultural identity in relation to traditional dance and music, and sexual identity within traditional dance.

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