WATCH NOW: Al Slamer on Current Sports | #103

The guest is Al Slamer, head football coach at Holt High School.


Holt Rams coach Al Slamer (left) with Al Martin

Al Slamer talks with host Al Martin about Michigan's new concussion law and the Heads Up education program from the Centers for Disease Control; helping players deal with the pressures of college recruiting; social media and high school athletics; and his love of coaching.

During the "12th Man" segment, Slamer fields questions from members of his own football squad in the TV audience.

Al Slamer has been at Holt since 2008, where he has over 160 career wins. He got started coaching high school football in 1987 at Battle Creek Central. Slamer played football at Wayne Memorial High School and at Eastern Michigan University.

first aired 9/26/2013