Cristo Rey Parish in Lansing announced Monday it will serve as a sanctuary church to protect immigrants on the verge of deportation in response to President Trump’s immigration reforms.

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A church in East Lansing said it may begin housing undocumented immigrants in a few months. 


Police officers
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A new Michigan House Bill would ban local ordinances and rules that police officers says cannot ask about the immigration status of a suspect or a witness 

council members
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People who liked Lansing's "sanctuary city" status are upset that the council rescinded the status after only a week. 

Lansing Adds Meeting to Vote on Sanctuary City Status

Apr 11, 2017
Lansing city council photo
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On Wednesday night, city council will revisit its decision to declare Lansing to be a "sanctuary city."

church in Detroit
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A small coalition of interfaith churches is making a big statement in Michigan.  The group is declaring itself a “sanctuary network,” and says it will protect individuals and families on the verge of being deported.