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Robin Pizzo, WKAR director of education, responds to frequently asked questions from parents and educators

Q: What is wonder?

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A: Wonder is an emotional response to curiosity and awe created from the adventure of exploring something new.

Children experience wonder all the time as they discover the world in great and small ways. Parents and educators can foster wonderment by introducing, explaining, and vividly describing the unfamiliar found in everything from nature to technology. There is nothing more precious than a child being fascinated about something new and interesting to them.

Recently, I took a class about wonder. How to describe it and capture it in writing. It was fascinating to say the least. I saw many connections with the work I do here at WKAR. For young learners, wonder is vital to a healthy imagination and persevering beyond a difficult learning challenge to master a skill. Reading comes to mind.

I also thought of the many programs we broadcast that support the fostering of wonderment in children. Elinor Wonders Why is one such program. In this show, Elinor, an observant and curious bunny rabbit, Ari, a funny and imaginative bat, and Olive, a perceptive and warm elephant, follow their natural curiosity and seek out answers using their science inquiry skills. Another great show is Pinkalicious and Peterific! Based on a comprehensive arts curriculum, the PBS KIDS series, PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC®, can inspire children to think and express themselves creatively. Our shows offer a lot more than entertainment and I highly recommend them.

To discover more about wonder, I have asked some friends to help define it. These definitions will be published in Mrs. Pizzo’s blog as guest posts. I know each will offer a wonderful way to experience wonder in our community!

Happy Learning,

Mrs. Pizzo

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