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"Below the Stacks" Festival Brings New Public Art To Lansing

Eleven new murals now fill previously blank building walls thanks to Below the Stacks: a 7 day mural festival where artists from around the U.S. came together to paint the city. 

Ozay Moore is the co-director of the festival. He says it was important to him that the public art reflected the diversity of Lansing. 


“So when people come to the walls and they get emotional, you know, because they see themselves on the wall or it just evokes sort of like feeling that that wall wasn't doing before, you know, that has a tremendous amount of value to me,” Moore said.

Alexis Rosado is the marketing manager for Below the Stacks. She says the goal is economic development for Michigan’s capitol.  


“It's really important that events like this happen because it brings people together," she said. "Public art brings people together, but more importantly it brings tourism dollars in our town.”


  Rosado hopes to make this an annual event for the city of Lansing.


Alina Zhuravel helps gather news content for online and on-air.
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