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Current Sports | August 3, 2017

Keith Allison
Flickr Creative Commons

Tom Brady Birthday; MSU Football Sexual Assault Investigation; Edward Olivares; Lansing Lugnuts; Jacob Herbert; Throwback Thursday.

Starting it off with some Stevie Wonder, "Current Sports with Al Martin" serenades Tom Brady on his 40th birthday. Al rewinds the clock on Brady to when he was just a kid playing in a golf tournament to see what makes him the greatest quarterback of all time. It's not quantifiable, says engineer Isaac Constans, who tacks up the Michigan alumnus' success to something greater than physical ability. While Al and Isaac speculate, they find no shortage of reasons to dub Brady as the greatest--who still has a few years to go. Next, Al skims over a new, highly redacted investigation report that reveals new details about the MSU sexual assault case. There is one particularly shocking revelation. Intern Jacob Herbert then goes on the set to break down his new story about Lansing Lugnuts' slugger Edward Olivares.  Jacob provides a closer look into Olivares' journey and what could be up next for the Venezuelan outfielder. Closing the show, Al throws it to "Reflection Friday" and takes a call.

Episode 993

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