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Current Sports | September 14, 2017

Jemele Hill on Current Sports TV
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Jemele Hill Tweet; Donald Trump; The White House; Social Media Usage; ESPN; Sports and Politics; Throwback Thursday.

It might not be everyone's favorite topic, but center stage on today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" is the blurred line of sports and politics. ESPN personality and Michigan State alumnus Jemele Hill has been reprimanded after a string of tweets that branded President Donald Trump a "white supremacist." Al provides the details, and opens up on how media members nowadays have to toe the line between politics and sports. Hill herself had a shockingly clairvoyant statement on the matter three years ago when she sat down with Current Sports TV. Al also plays the opinions of former NFL full back Heath Evans, now an analyst for the NFL Network. The self-described conservative comes to the defense of Hill. Engineer Isaac Constans points out how the new age of social media has encroached on the privacy of these topics. Callers take the issue to new heights, and the rest of the show is occupied by the controversy. To flip the mood, Al plays "Throwback Thursday," bringing up some quite new revelations to the fold--with some funny moments too. Lastly, new production assistant Caitlyn Ploeg introduces herself to the Current Sports contingent.

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