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WATCH: MSU Club Softball Team Finds A Way To Keep Playing, Even In The Cold

MSU Club Softball
Ian Kress

The softball club is one of the best in the country, overcomes the challenge of practicing in Demonstration Hall – with no mound, batting cages or realistic playing surface.


EAST LANSING, Mich. – Being a part of the Michigan State club softball team requires a lot of dedication because not everything is going to perfect. The team practices at Demonstration Hall and IM West during the winter months.

The problem is, there’s no mound, batting cages, dirt -  or even grass.

The team practices inside, due to the cold, snowy, or rainy weather. Going inside means using squishy and plastic balls, instead of hard ones, to field grounders and catch fly balls. Pitchers can’t get the proper timing, because there’s no mound. Batters can’t swing for the fences because of the lights and ceiling fans.

However, despite all the limitations, MSU’s club softball team is currently ranked fourth in the country and is ready to get outdoors.  

WKAR’s Ian Kress takes a look at how the club softball team stays so competitive:



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