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Standardized Tests: Gains in Math and Social Studies, Declines in Reading and Writing

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The state released new test scores for grade school students today. As Cheyna Roth explains, the results brought good news and bad news.

The M-STEP tests third through eighth and eleventh grade students in various subjects. While scores for math and social studies were up – English literacy was down. But the improvements weren’t felt by all.

Brian Gutman is with the advocacy group The Education Trust-Midwest. He says the scores highlight the achievement gap between whites and minorities. And between low income and high income students.

“We have a lot of ground to make up across the board." Gutman says. "Historically underserved students are disproportionately affected.”

For example, in 8th grade math 10 percent of black students tested proficient compared to 40 percent of white students.

Before becoming the newest Capitol reporter for Michigan Public Radio Network, Cheyna Roth was an attorney. She spent her days fighting it out in court as an assistant prosecuting attorney for Ionia County.
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