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Advocacy Groups Respond to New MSU President Pick


Michigan State University announced its new president on Tuesday. And some groups continued to express criticism of the process that led to the appointment of Dr. Samuel Stanley, Jr.

Dr. Stanley was chosen through a confidential presidential search.

Some MSU faculty say since they weren’t able to talk to Dr. Stanley before he was hired,  they can’t be sure  he’s the right fit.

Stephen Gasteyer is a faculty member at MSU.

“We can’t feel confident that this president is moving into this position and ready to make these pretty dramatic changes that need to be made on campus,” he said.

Gasteyer says to build trust, Dr. Stanley needs change the way decisions are made on campus to include more voices.

Reclaim MSU posted this tweet as part of it's response to Stanley's appointment.:

"The Board has appointed a president without the advice or consent of the MSU community as a whole. We are deeply disappointed. We asked the Board and presidential candidates for transparency and accountablity. They chose secrecy and excuses."

The tweet went on to demand Dr. Stanley meet with survivors, their families and with the MSU community at large, and to include Reclaim MSU in the planning process. 

Trustee Dianne Byrum says though the search process was confidential, the process was transparent and incorporated feedback from community listening sessions.

"The interview process by which we evualte all candidates came directly from the input sessions," she said. 

Dr. Samuel  Stanley Jr. will take the reins on August 1st.

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