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DEQ reviews EL Wastewater Treatment Plant permit

East Lansing Wastewater Treatment Facility photo
Courtesy photo
City of East Lansing
The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is considering the renewal of the permit for East Lansing's Water Resource Recovery Facility. The permit expired four years ago.

The Department of Environmental Quality is reviewing the East Lansing Wastewater Treatment Plant's permit four years after it expired. We discuss the delay with Alice Dreger of Eastlansinginfo.org.

The East Lansing Wastewater Treatment Plant’s permit to dump treated water into the Red Cedar River expired more than four years ago. The city applied for the renewal of the permit on time back in 2012, but the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has only just now said they’re reviewing it. So why are they doing it now? How unusual is it for a permit to be expired for so long? What are the implications?

Current State talks with Alice Dreger of Eastlansinginfo.org (ELi), a free, independent news and information website. She has been reporting on the wastewater treatment plant for over a year.

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