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Tax Incentives For Big Businesses Head To Governor

Michigan House of Representatives
Governor Snyder will review bills to change some employers' income taxes.

Michigan is closer to offering tax incentives for large businesses. The House and Senate OK’d bills Wednesday to allow some big employers to keep the income taxes paid by their workers.

The bills stalled three weeks ago. House Speaker Tom Leonard stopped the vote. He said the governor was making unacceptable deals with Democrats and unions.

After talks with the governor he put them back up.

The bills would let approved companies keep all or part of the state income taxes their employees would pay.

Critics say the plan is a handout to a few wealthy businesses.

Republican Representative Martin Howrylak (HOW’-er-lack) voted against the bills.                         

“Here we go again doling out corporate welfare," says Howrylak. "How ironic taking from the poor and giving to the rich.”

Governor Snyder advocated for the bills. He says they’ll bring thousands of jobs to the state.

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