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Neville: 'I Felt Like I Had A Wall of Prayers Around Me'

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Kevin Lavery
Lt. Jeff Neville, a police officer at Bishop International Airport in Flint, was severely wounded in a thwarted terrorist attack on June 21. He was stabbed in the neck but has since made an excellent recovery.

Lt. Jeff Neville, the Flint airport policeman severely wounded in a thwarted terrorist attack on June 21, is being honored for his swift response by the Michigan House of Representatives. 


Lt. Jeff Neville:

“I feel pretty good.  The healing has gone well.  I’m still tossing a few things around in my head...but really, I feel surprisingly good.”


Kevin Lavery:

“I’m glad to hear that.  What was in your head on June 21?  What were you thinking as it was happening?”



“Disbelief, at first.  Then I guess just survival.  I knew that we had to take him (Amor Ftouhi) down and control him.  That’s really what we tried to do, and it happened very fast.  We did get him under control very quickly.”



“Your voice sounds great.  Are you as fully functional today as you were before?”



“Yeah...I’ve got a little numbness on the right side of my face, but other than that, I’m good to go.”



“What has your life been back in the last three months?  Not just the emotional and physical recovery, but the reception you’re getting from your fellow Michiganders?”



“That has been really fantastic.  So many people have told me that they’ve been praying for me, and I tell them to please keep it up.  I’ll tell you...I felt like I had a wall of prayers around me.  It’s just been really great support shown by people.  I’ve been in several events.  I’ve been asked to be involved with different things, like the Hurley Trauma Center golf outing; I was just the golf ambassador on Monday.  Friday night is Hero Night at the Fenton (High School) football game; I’ll be a hero for one of the team players.  Just things like that.  It’s really been good, and I’m glad to do it.  I’ll do whatever I can do try to be a positive force in the community.”


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