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WKAR’s Scott Pohl pays a visit to DeWitt, the little town north of Lansing that’s awash with Wieber Fever.

Businesses and stores around downtown DeWitt are sporting signs supporting Jordyn Wieber’s pursuit of a gymnastics gold medal. These people are saying…well, I’ll let them speak for themselves.

FRED MOTZ: This is Fred Motz. I’ve got a business in downtown DeWitt, Fred Motz Builder, and we’re all supportive of Jordyn. Wieber Fever! We’ve got a sign in front of our office here. We’re really proud to have her a member of our community here. She’s an awesome young gal, and I think she’s going to go all the way.

PATTY WAGNER: I’m Patty Wagner.  I am the pharmacy manager at DeWitt Pharmacy here in DeWitt, Michigan, and congratulations to Jordyn, or 2012 Olympian! The town of DeWitt is very much behind you, and we’re very excited that we all know someone unique that’s going to the Olympics!

LINDSEY BUCKNER: Hi! My name is Lindsey Buckner and I am the owner of Bridge Street Hair Company hair salon right here in downtown DeWitt, and I’ve actually done Jordyn Wieber’s hair for quite a few years now. We just want to say good luck. We’re so proud of you, and we’ll be watching you throughout the whole Olympic Games! Good luck, Jordyn! We love ya!

JENNIFER WHITMAN: I’m Jennifer Whitman. I’m the owner of Downtown DeWitt Chiropractic. We’re all so excited here in DeWitt to watch Jordyn Wieber perform at the Olympics, and compete! I have three kids, and they’re super excited. We’re already setting our DVR’s, and we’ve just been bragging to all of our friends and family around the state and country that we have a local hero in our town who’s going to be competing at the Olympics, and keep their eye on her, because we’re so proud!

MIKE ASHLEY: My name’s Mike Ashley, owner of Ashley Photography. This has really been something that the community has rallied around. Now, this is going to give us a chance to shine and let other people around the country understand and know what a great place DeWitt really is.

The excitement isn’t just downtown. It’s spread to the DeWitt Shopping Center a couple of miles away.

ALEXA VITEK: I’m Dr. Alexa Vitek from Vitek Family Dentistry. Our DeWitt hometown supporter sign in our front window says WE LOVE JO! YOU MAKE US SMILE, JORDYN. What Jordyn Going to the Olympics means to our local community is how much hard work, dedication and perseverance pays off.

MARCY POWELSON: My name is Marcy Powelson. I’m the manager here at Biggby Coffee in DeWitt. We’re so proud of Jordyn Wieber and her accomplishments to make it to the Olympics. Here at Biggby, we’ve sold about 700 T-shirts in honor of her and her family, to get them over to London to support Jordyn. They say CHEER FOR THE GOLD, and they have the five Olympic rings on it, and they’re made of DeWitt’s colors. We’re just so proud of you, Jordyn, and good luck while you’re over there!

Wieber Fever signs have popped up on the lawns of private homes, too. My favorite stop in DeWitt was at the home of Erin Sermak. She and her three kids, including eight-year-old Mason, can’t wait for the Olympics to start.

ERIN SERMAK: I am a teacher here in the community, and I know that we are all very proud of Jordyn! My children at home are so excited! We watched all of the gymnastics Olympic trials. We’ve even been working on our own gymnastics at home and are hoping to be gymnasts when we grow up because we’re so excited! She’s really instilling some great values in my children and in our family. We are so excited and proud of Jordyn!

MASON SERMAK: I am so proud of Jordyn, that she has made it through the Olympic trials and she’s going to the Olympics, and I just want her to do her best and go for the gold! Just try to get that gold medal and win the Olympics!

The London Olympic Games begin with opening ceremonies tonight, and you can bet that most of the TV’s here will be tuned to gymnastics coverage, starting Sunday. If she wins a gold medal, you can expect a big celebration in Jordyn Wieber’s hometown of DeWitt.

Scott Pohl is a general assignment news reporter and produces news features and interviews. He is also an alternate local host on NPR's "Morning Edition."
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