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Snyder OKs Ban On Phone Use By Teen Drivers

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A new law will soon ban cell phone use by probationary teen drivers unless they’re using a hands-free device or reporting an emergency. 

Governor Rick Snyder signed “Kelsey’s Law” on Tuesday.

The law is named for Kelsey Raffaele. The 17-year-old Sault Sainte Marie girl was chatting with a friend on her phone when she crashed her car and was killed. Bonnie Raffaele says her daughter’s death convinced her a law was needed, and she lobbied the Legislature for more than a year.

“I know that Kelsey is up in Heaven just clapping and screaming for joy over this because of the lives that can be saved,” she says.

Michigan has already outlawed – for everyone -- texting while driving. Governor Snyder says he would consider expanding the talking-and-driving ban to all drivers, but first wants to see how this new law works.

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