Complaints Continue on MI Fireworks Law

Jul 13, 2012

Some state lawmakers are already discussing possible changes to Michigan’s new fireworks law.

It allows consumers to buy more powerful fireworks than they could before this summer, and has been the subject of a lot of complaints.    

Complaints about explosions, whistles, and other noises going late into the night have flooded phones and e-mail in-boxes of state officials since the law was changed. Complaints spiked in the days before and after July Fourth.

Governor Rick Snyder’s constituent office reports at least two thousand complaints.

Geralyn Lasher is the governor’s communications director. She says local governments don’t have to wait for the state to act to enact their own limits on fireworks.

“There’s still some confusion, I think, at the local levels of what they can do to address some of the issues, some of the noise issues,” she says.

Those ordinances cannot ban the fireworks on the day before, the day of, or the day after a national holiday. The next national holiday is Labor Day at the beginning of September.