Current Sports | February 13, 2020 | The 'Elephant In The Room' Of Mel Tucker's Hire

Feb 13, 2020

Mel Tucker; Mark Dantonio; Anthony Ianni; Bill Beekman; Cassius Winston; Xavier Tillman; Aaron Henry; Rocket Watts; 

Media swarm Mel Tucker after his introductory press conference
Credit Al Martin / WKAR-MSU

Mel Tucker's first official press conference happened on Wednesday. On this episode of Current Sports with Al Martin, Al addresses the backlash coming from the University of Colorado fan base and players/recruits. Al tells you why you should have a problem with the system, not Tucker. Also, Anthony Ianni, former MSU basketball player and current motivational speaker, gives his reaction to the Mel Tucker hire and whether, or not, he views on the leadership at MSU has changed. Ianni also touches on the legacy of Mark Dantonio and why it can never be touched. 

Episode 1592