ELECTION 2014: Republican AG Bill Schuette

Oct 24, 2014

Attorney General Bill Schuette
Credit www.billschuette.com

In eleven days, Michigan voters will decide who will hold a handful of statewide offices, one of them, Attorney General. The race pits incumbent Republican Bill Schuette against Democratic challenger Mark Totten, who was a guest on Current State last week.

The 61-year old Schuette boasts a public service career in Michigan that includes tenures as a state legislator, Agriculture Director and an Appeals Court judge. He also served a term in Congress. He touts his strict adherence to the state constitution. As an example, he points to his support of city of Detroit retirees, whose constitutionally guaranteed pensions were threatened in the city’s bankruptcy settlement.

Liberal critics,  including the challenger, accuse the Midland native of infusing the office with conservative politics. Among other grievances, they accuse Mr. Schuette of resisting same sex marriage and medical marijuana, and wanting to deny citizens the right to sue drug companies.

Current State talks with the Attorney General about how he tries to persuade undecided voters to support him.