Head Of Marijuana Agency Says Legalization Could Draw Out-Of-State Users

Mar 20, 2019

The head of Michigan’s marijuana program says he intends to watch and learn as the state figures out the rules for future sales of recreational marijuana. We have more from capital correspondent Rick Pluta.

Andrew Brisbo testified before a legislative committee on the future of marijuana in Michigan. That’s after voters approved recreational marijuana use last fall.

Michigan is first state in the Midwest to allow the recreational use of marijuana. Brisbo says that could lead to more people visiting Michigan to buy and use marijuana.

“We’re closely monitoring how the market evolves in Michigan and we want it to be successful, and want to take a pro-active role in ensuring it’s successful.”

Brisbo says people who try to bring marijuana into Michigan from another state or vice versa are taking a risk. That’s because marijuana remains illegal under federal law.