Holt High students debate Presidential candidates

Nov 4, 2016

It’s election season at Holt High School. They are holding a mock election, with voter registration, debates, campaign posters, and rallies. We find out who they are voting for and why.

Yesterday, Current State heard from a Michigan prison inmate and former inmate and heard their thoughts about next week’s Presidential election. In Michigan, prison inmates aren’t allowed to vote. Today, we hear from another group often overlooked during elections:  students. That’s mainly because so many students haven’t reached the legal voting age of 18 yet, although some number of them will be voting for the first time.

Recently, some Holt High School students have been holding mock presidential debates and elections.

Current State’s Brooke Allen visited the school and met the History teacher in charge of the project, Gavin Sykes-McLaughlin. He says this isn’t his first mock classroom election.