Lansing Township planner defends commercial growth

Sep 11, 2013

Credit WKAR File Photo

Lansing Township’s Eastwood development continues to grow.  Township officials recently gave the green light to Lansing developer Mike Eyde to build a $10 million Fairfield Inn and Suites near U.S. 127 and Lake Lansing Road.   It’s slated to open in 2015.  The Fairfield will follow the scheduled opening of a nearby Hyatt Place hotel.  It would make five hotels in the vicinity of Eastwood.

Current State’s Mark Bashore speaks with Lansing Township Planning Director Steven Hayward about all the activity.  He first asked him whether hotel growth in the Eastwood area is the result of a particular situation in Lansing.  There, city government has pledged not to underwrite additional downtown hotel expansion – something many regard as a monopoly for downtown's Radisson hotel.  Hayward-- a former city official --disagrees.