Michigan residents’ views on governor’s race, ballot proposals focus of State of the State podcast

Mar 23, 2018

Michigan State University scholars Matt Grossmann, Charles Ballard, and Arnold Weinfeld continue their analysis of the most recent State of the State Survey results. In this second part of the conversation, the group focuses on Michigan residents’ views of the governor’s race and ballot propositions.

Ballard says the governor’s race “has a lot of fluidity” in it at the moment and that around a quarter of respondents are still undecided.

The survey asked about three ballot proposals Michigan residents may be voting on in November – part time legislature, gerrymandering, and marijuana legalization.

“In all three of them at the moment, the initiative’s passage is currently leading,” Ballard says. “But the picture is different among the three.

“Turnout throughout the population is going to make a difference.”

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