Poll: Michiganders Nearly Split On Legal Recreational Marijuana

Jul 2, 2018

Michigan voters will be asked next November to decide if recreational marijuana use should be legal in the state. A new survey showing voters are slightly against the idea.

The survey says 47 percent of the 800 Michigan voters questioned state wide are against legalizing marijuana for recreational use, compared to 44 percent who plan to vote yes. 

Scott Greenlee is the president of Healthy and productive Michigan… a group working against the change and says he realizes they are fighting an uphill battle in influencing voters in the state…

“The other side will spend millions and millions of dollars because they want to profit from this stuff long-term,” said Greenlee.

“They want to profit from something I think will bring our state a lot of challenges.”

Greenlee maintains the economic benefits of legalizing marijuana in Michigan are not as impactful as they sound and says the organization is concerned about the impact on crime and other addictions becoming more prevalent from legal marijuana use.