Public Radio Music Day - Matthew Aubin

Apr 16, 2020

For April 16th, Public Radio Music Day, WKAR has been checking in with local arts and cultural leaders across mid-Michigan. Dr. Matthew Aubin is Music Director of the Jackson Symphony Orchestra and the JSO's Community Music School at Weatherwax Hall. He spoke with WKAR's Jamie Paisley about the challenges facing both organizations as well as the potentially extra-wise timeliness of the JSO's Weatherwax Hall. Plus, the delayed return of Maestro Stephen Osmond to the JSO podium.

At the end of this interview, we also asked Dr. Matthew Aubin for an inspiring piece of music. He turned to his favorite composer, Beethoven, and after pausing momentarily on the 'Ode to Joy,' he settled upon Beethoven's 7th Symphony, instead, as the Jackson Symphony Orchestra played just a few months ago. But, we'd also like to know what music inspires you right now. Let us know by calling ‪(567) 246-9038‬, letting us know your name, what that piece is, and why others will find it inspiring. Over the next few weeks, as social distancing continues, we may broadcast it on WKAR-FM &