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Thermal Conduction

Season 9 Episode 906 | 26m 46s

Thermal Conduction is a “hot” topic! Dr. Rob and the Crew explore how thermal energy is transferred and conserved in different environments. STEM Challenge: Making Thermal Oobleck Curious About Careers: Welder, Jennifer Hall

Aired: 05/15/23
Bonding over the science of Surface Tension!
Speedy spinning spheres and the science behind angular momentum!
Guitar science ROCKS!
Get “charged up” with STEM knowledge as the Crew and Dr. Rob explore electric generators!
Bonding over the science of Surface Tension!
The flavorful phenomena of salt!
Curveball curiosities on the baseball field! Play ball!
Skilled tradesperson Jennifer Hall sparks Janellyn’s interest in welding!
Balancing bottles, quirky corks, and marshmallow mobiles!
Genesis does some STEM-related stretching with yoga instructor Rebecca Gulbransen!