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The first broadcast of NPR’s All Things Considered was 50 years ago Monday. WKAR was a flagship station for the fledgling network.

WKAR's Scott Pohl talks with Dan Wardlow, who was a WKAR student board operator at the time.

Coronavirus illustration
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Sun., Dec. 20 at 5 p.m. on 90.5 FM & STREAMING | All Things Considered will spend the full hour answering the big questions about the new coronavirus vaccines: how they work, how they were tested, how they’ll be distributed, and how to talk about them with people who aren’t sure they want one. 

Big Ten Football
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Current Sports host Al Martin talks with WKAR's All Things Considered host Sophia Saliby about the decision from the Big Ten to reverse its initial decision and play college football starting in October.



High School Sports
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The annual participation survey by the National Federation of State High School Assns. has shown a decline in sports participation for the first time in 30 years for the 2018-19 season. 

ELPD Identifies MSU Student Killed In Shooting

Oct 15, 2018
police car
Courtesy / East Lansing Police Dept.

Early Friday morning, the East Lansing Police Department responded to an off-campus call that involved fighting and a Michigan State University student killed. After contacting the next of kin, the ELPD has identified the student as 22-year-old Isai Berrones from Alamo, Texas.

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In an attempt to derail its biggest competitor's new product, Coca-Cola devised a marketing plan with sinister motivations. In today's episode of Serving Up Science, science writer Sheril Kirshenbaum and WKAR's Karel Vega unwrap the short history of Crystal Pepsi and the plan to get it off the market. 

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More than just a millennial foodie trend, pickling has roots that go all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia. What was once a tool used to preserve foods in the harshest of climates is now filling mason jars in refrigerators all over the country. On today's episode of Serving Up Science, Science Writer Sheril Kirshenbaum and WKAR's Karel Vega dive deep into the origins of pickling, and give some tasty advice to amateur picklers.

Portrait: Karel Vega
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You've heard him as weekend host and WKAR news reporter since he first joined WKAR in January.