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Current Sports | July 12, 2019

Jul 12, 2019
Serena Williams
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Russell Westbrook; James Harden; Alex Morgan; Candace Parker; Johnny Lewis

Current Sports | May 3, 2019

May 3, 2019
Tom Brady
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Tom Brady; Colin Cowherd; Highest paid NFL quarterbacks; Blessed Body founder Johnny Lewis

Nipsey Hussle
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Hip Hop artist and businessman Nipsey Hussle was just 33 years old when he was gunned down in Los Angeles outside of his Marathon clothing store in late March. Current Sports host Al Martin invites Blessed Body Training founder Johnny Lewis to dissect why Hussle's death has had such a profound impact on the black community. 

Tom Izzo
Al Martin / WKAR-MSU

Michigan State / Bradley; Tom Izzo and Aaron Henry; NCAA Tournament; Natalie Kerwin and sports gambling; Fit Fridays with Blessed Body Training founder Johnny Lewis 

Johnny Lewis
Johnny Lewis

What can a pick-up basketball game do for your health? 

John Beilein
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Michigan State / University of Michigan men's basketball game; Antonio Brown to the Buffalo Bills trade fall-through; Fit Fridays with Blessed Body Training founder Johnny Lewis 

Johnny Lewis
Johnny Lewis

What are the health benefits of using protein when in the gym? How much is too much? What kind of protein should you look out for when at the store? All of that and more are answered on this edition of Fit Fridays with Blessed Body Training founder Johnny Lewis. 

Current Sports |March 1, 2019

Mar 1, 2019
Cassius Winston, MSU Basketball, Michigan
MSU Spartans

Bryce Harper; Tom Izzo; Cassius Winston; Matt McQuaid; Marcus Bingham; Nick Ward; Xavier Tillman; Foster Loyer; Johnny Lewis

Johnny Lewis
Johnny Lewis

Al gets his weekly phone call from Johnny Lewis on Friday's Segment of the Day.

Johnny Lewis
Johnny Lewis

On another edition of Fit Fridays, Al and Johnny discuss three workouts to help your glutes and get into what makes the sweet potato so useful in the kitchen.