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Fenner Nature Center hosts its annual Maple Syrup Festival

 maple syrup in small maple leaf-leaf shaped bottles
Fenner Nature Center
The Fenner Nature Center produces its own maple syrup.

Lansing’s Fenner Nature Center is putting on its annual Maple Syrup Festival Saturday.

The event has stations on how to tell when a tree is ready to be tapped and how maple syrup is made. Organizers are also serving maple themed treats such as maple cotton candy and cookies.

Alexa Seeger, the development and events director for the center, said the trees on site are 70 to 100 years old.

She adds maple syrup gathering has always been a community event.

"We hope they feel welcome, feel like family so that they can just enjoy the camaraderie that comes with being out in the sugar bush," Seeger said.

Se says the festival helps educate the public and provide visitors with a unique experience.

"Where else you know in the city of Lansing can you go out to a sugar bush and learn how to boil your own maple syrup, tap trees all that fun stuff?" Seeger said.

The event serves as a fundraiser for the non-profit Fenner Conservancy which manages the center.

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