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Interview with Xavier Davis | A Groove Supreme

Xavier Davis
College of Music
Michigan State University
Xavier Davis, Associate Professor of Jazz Piano.

Sat., Jun. 4 at 8pm on 90.5 FM & STREAMING | Join host Michael Stratton for an interview with Xavier Davis, jazz pianist and educator at MSU.

Two hours spent in conversation with the Grand Rapids-born pianist Xavier Davis. He'll talk about his breadth of influences, the importance of his album "Rise Up Detroit," about being on the MSU College of Music Faculty, and how, despite having a reputation of being a pocket pianists for a slew of artists, Xavier prefers being the background glue at the piano when it come to the jazz ensemble playing.

Explore a century of jazz, the art form which constantly reforges itself by obscuring lines about what the rules of music can or even should be. Host Michael Stratton is your sonic guide to jazz, from classics to the contemporary.

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