America flips over Livonia library video

Jun 13, 2016

A Michigan library got global attention when late night talk show host James Corden discovered the video they made to promote their summer reading program. We talk to Livonia Library Director Toni LaPorte to get the whole story.

Most libraries encourage youth to read books during their summer breaks. But most libraries don’t do it as well as Livonia Public Library.

Every year, the Livonia Library staff makes a video to promote their summer reading program in the community. And this year’s video was so good, it got some unexpected attention.

It was discovered by none other than CBS’s "Late Late Show" host James Corden. He showed clips from the video and made jokes about it. Since then, the video has received over 30,000 views and has been watched all around the world.

To find out what makes the video so special, we speak with Livonia’s Library Director Toni LaPorte, who also stars in the video.