Attorney: Support for Nassar plaintiffs could lead to independent investigation

Feb 14, 2017

Okemos attorney Jamie White says members of the gymnastics community are organizing in an effort to support alleged victims of sexual attacks by Dr. Larry Nassar.

White represents 10 plaintiffs in civil actions against Nassar and Michigan State University, USA Gymnastics and Twistars, where Nassar spent decades as a sports doctor.

"They’ve been discussing and have actually organized a parental support group for some of the parents of the victims, and there have been some really productive conversations about how to create something similar for the young women themselves,” White says. 

More than 60 women are involved in criminal or civil suits naming Nassar.

White recently called on the Michigan Attorney General’s office to assign the investigation of MSU to an agency other than the Michigan State University police.

He claims MSU police cannot be impartial.

White says supporters of the alleged victims could bring more pressure leading to an independent investigation.