Careers In Sight, 'Millennial' Students Explore Lansing

Oct 16, 2012

Some Michigan college students with doubts about staying in the state are reconsidering Lansing.

A dozen students from the state's 14 private colleges visited businesses and other sites on Tuesday to see if the capital city offers what they're looking for after graduation.

Nick Wasmiller is a spokesman for the Michigan Colleges' Foundation.  He says some in the group were impressed with the efforts of entrepreneurs in the city.    

"In many instances, I think they're interested in joining them," he says. " So, our hope is that they take the information and consider Lansing for themselves, but also go back to their college campuses and share the information with their peers."

Wasmiller says a survey conducted by the foundation in 2011 shows in-state college students are likely to rank Michigan poorly in terms of job opportunities and other amenities.