City of Lansing Approves $128 Million Budget

May 16, 2017

The Lansing City Council approved Mayor Virg Bernero's 2018 budget. 

On Monday night, the Lansing City Council approved a $128 million budget for 2018. Click on this sentence to review the entire proposed budget line by line.

Police and fire services comprise more than half of the budget, and Mayor Virg Bernero included more money for public safety training. It also included  $150,000 to further the work of the Lansing Financial Health Team.  

Councilwoman Judi Brown Clarke said there will be more spending on technology and replacing an aging city vehicle fleet.

Mayor Bernero said the city expects revenue to exceed costs for a fourth straight year. This year's budget proposes a 5 percent spending increase.

Mayor Bernero called for a ballot measure that would create a dedicated millage, for sidewalk and road funding.

Engineers estimate it will cost $211 million to restore city streets to average condition.