Current Sports | 1/27/16 | #625

Jan 27, 2016

Marijuana Usage in the NFL, League Punishments, Lansing Catholic, CAAC Boys' High School Basketball, Bill Belichick vs. Vince Lombardi, and the Introduction of New Current Sports Interns.

Following a thought-provoking special on HBO about marijuana usage and applications in the NFL, Al and Isaac open up on the stigmatized subject. What benefits and what downsides would the legalization of pot have for the league, its image, the fans, and the players? Next, Al was at the Lansing Catholic boys' basketball game as they topped Waverly, 61-58. Al and Isaac examine the current CAAC standings and elaborate on the success stories of the area. Everyone's favorite caller Ray from Indiana then poses an interesting question about the legacy of Bill Belichick as compared to Vince Lombardi's. Finally, meet new Current Sports interns Andrea Urban and Mike Masson as both briefly introduce themselves and the stories that they'll be presenting.