Current Sports | 2/1/16 | #628

Feb 1, 2016

Calvin Johnson Retirement, Tom Minkel, Michigan State Wrestling, Michigan State Basketball, Greatest Sports Movies Ever, and Weekend Winners.

Two greats walked away this weekend. First, Al touches on the sport of wrestling as the Michigan State coach, Tom Minkel, retires from a coveted career. Al and Isaac recount their memories of the coach from when he was on Current Sports TV, filling the air with unique, intriguing stories. Then, Isaac, Al, and callers all list their greatest sports movies ever as Current Sports gets ready for its February film face-off. Al introduces the novel idea, and the nominations flood in. Additionally, Current Sports was at Michigan State basketball last night as the men dismantled Rutgers. All of the coverage is here, with insights into the nitty-gritty of the game. Next, Calvin Johnson's reported retirement shook up Ford Field to its foundations. Did Johnson make the right move, and where does he rank at this point amongst the all-time greats? Last but not least, the entire weekend is summed up with 'Weekend Winners.'