Current Sports | 3/30/16 | #670

Mar 30, 2016

Russell Westbrook, Reggie Jackson, Detroit Pistons, Softness in Modern Basketball, Jake Boss Jr., MSU Baseball, and D'Angelo Russell Video.

Credit Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

Things got a little bit chippy after the Detroit Pistons prevailed over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Reggie Jackson, a former Thunder player, celebrated prematurely and boisterously, leaving Russell Westbrook and Thunder teammates less than impressed. Al and engineer Isaac Constans talk about the state of the Pistons but also digress into a larger discussion as a whole. Has the sport gotten soft? Then, the MLB season may be inching around the corner, but college baseball bats are swinging away. Al brings Jake Boss Jr., Michigan State baseball coach, to the show to discuss his season thus far. And to close out the show, some celebrity gossip ensues. Al and Isaac go back and forth on the intricacies of Lakers' rookie D'Angelo Russell filming a private discussion about relationships with Nick Young.