Current Sports #512 | July 17, 2015

Jul 17, 2015

Plaxico Burress Comments on Nick Saban, College Athletes in Video Games, the British Open and Reflection Friday.

Al reopens the tab on Nick Saban and Isaac joins in to weigh in on the truth of Plaxico Burress's tweets about the Alabama coach's loyalty. Then, the Current Sports team recounts other similar affairs of coaches being less than truthful at the college level. Speaking of college sports, a court settlement will allow thousands of college basketball and football players to claim revenues from former EA Sports' NCAA video game franchises. Could this lead to even bigger changes? Also, the British Open is underway. Is Jordan Spieth still the favorite or is a changing of the sails brewing? Finally, the show ends with 'Reflection Friday', where Al and Isaac review the best stories they may or may have not gotten to over the course of the week.