Current Sports #556 | September 25, 2015

Sep 25, 2015

Big 12 Background Checks, College Football Previews, Michigan State-Central Michigan, Ira Childress, Reflection Friday, and NFL Pick 'em.

It's the last Current Sports for a week, as Al leaves for the next week. To compensate for the absence, this show is packed full of conversation. First, Al and Isaac give their takes on the Big 12's discussion about background checks for incoming freshman. Then, they move on to college football and give their outlook on the Michigan State-Central Michigan came coming up this weekend. Guest Ira Childress is next up on the agenda, as the Okemos High School athletic director calls in to describe what Okemos football is doing to fight cancer and how you can help. 'Reflection Friday' follows, and the show closes with some 'NFL Pick 'em'.