Current Sports | September 28, 2017

Sep 28, 2017

NFL National Anthem Protests; Donald Trump; Colin Kaepernick; Callers; MSU Hockey Media Day; Jason Ruff.

Credit File photo / WKAR

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump made incendiary comments regarding the NFL players who protest the national anthem. On this "Current Sports with Al Martin," those fiery remarks breathe flames, stoking political debate on the show. Al begins by stating his take first, defending the stance of the protesters and pointing out the divisiveness of Trump's comments. Dialogue, he says, is the key. And just like that, two callers of differing opinions call in. While oneĀ  states an authentic and heartfelt opinion, the other contrarily seeks to divide. As a warning to listeners, his comments could be considered offensive by some. Al and engineer Isaac Constans go to work debasing his claims, while two more callers make their opinions known. On Current Sports today, resolving differences is the aim, and Isaac shares how one caller cleared up a mistaken view he had previously held. Interspersed in there, Impact Sports beat reporter Jason Ruff brings his report from MSU hockey media day. Jason, the former host of "Two Minutes for Ruffing," puts the icing on the show by explaining why all MSU hockey fans should be excited.

Episode 1026