Detroit Breaks Ground On New International Bridge

Jul 17, 2018

Michigan and Canadian officials broke ground Wednesday on the US port of entry site for the Gordie Howe International Bridge.  

Officials breaking ground on Gordie Howe International Bridge
Credit GordieHoweBrg / Twitter

Workers are beginning roughly 150-million dollars worth of pre-construction activities.  While relations between Canada and the US have been contentious of late, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder says that is not the case with the international bridge project.  

“This project has been talked about for decades.  And there are good people that had their heart behind it for decades.  And I have to acknowledge and say thank you to the country of Canada for actually having the common sense to continue to pursue this even when we did dumb things in Michigan.  Because ultimately what it came down to in many respects is they’ve been fabulous partners” says Snyder.    

Canada is providing all of the funding for the new span.  The next milestone for the project is expected to come in September, when Michigan and Canadian officials could finalize a deal with Bridging North America contractors.