Faces of Flint: Hard to Swallow by Mama Sol (VIDEO)

Apr 11, 2016

Flint hip-hop artist Mama Sol debuts her spoken word piece, “Hard To Swallow.”

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by Mama Sol

We come in Peace…
Intent to Increase…
& Restore Hope for the Hopeless & Love is the Focus
I Pray they this Message will Reach…
Far Beyond the Clouds God,
We Need you involved Now!
Your Spirit is needed so this isn’t Repeated.
Why is it like this? This crisis…
i Cry with my Right Fist Lifted for my Brothers & Sisters,
These Little Kids are becoming Statistics!
The Tuskegee Experiment… like they did with Syphilis
Honestly I’m Questioning if this was Intended!
What made you go & Change the Water Source that Flint gets?
Answer me that!… Emergency Management!
Obvious Fact…
Your Family’s not Residents of the City affected by your Lack of Concern
inappropriate Protocol…
Cutting your Costs,
But what’s the sense in Saving Money though when Lives are Lost?
Now these Corrupt Cover-ups, hiding the Facts…
Had the Mayor Drink a cup & tell us all to Relax
Then put that on the News because its Legal to Lie to the Public & the Media
We Need a Reply…
Mr. President your Government is Governing Suffering
Got a Governor who’s only Defense is his Incompetence when “He Could’ve Stopped
instead he said “GO HEAD!!”
Gave them the Green Light Knowing the Pipes were Loaded with Lead!
That would Flow into the Ghetto Without Warning that the Poison that was Pouring
through the Metal had no Control of Corrosion…
Hold Up!!
What you Hoped that we wouldn’t Notice?
But thank you Dr Mona… Respect Virginia Tech
For putting Flint on your Shoulders & Doing it with No Regret!!
Man that Water was Brown & it Reeked like Rotten Eggs, our Babies can’t Bathe but the
Bill gotta be Paid!
This is Blatant Terrorism… Premeditated Murder
You Deserve to go to Prison !!! & Anybody with You!!!
Politicians getting Richer while the Babies are getting Sicker
Hair Loss, Skin Rashes, Anemia, Brain Damage…
Not to mention Legionnaires!
And what Brings me to Tears are the Victims with the Symptoms that won’t Appear til
Years from Now
How do you Explain it & Define it?
Its Cultural Genocide at its Finest… but be Reminded We’ve Been Fighting All Our
The Darker the Night,
The Brighter the Star!
The Harder the Fight,
The Stronger we Are!
And we are Strictly Business & we also got our Pride & if You Don’t like it I Suggest You
Break Wide!

Hard to Swallow by Mama Sol used with permission.

Field & Story Producer: Nicole Zaremba
Field Producer: Valerie Dorn
Camera: Dan Wogan, Maria Braganini, Dakota Johnston
Editor: Dan Wogan