Gun-owning MI school official explains opposition to concealed carry proposal

Oct 23, 2015

Michigan legislators are debating whether certain gun owners should be able to carry concealed guns in gun free zones. Earlier this week, we heard from one Michigan public school superintendent who supports concealed carry in schools. Today, we hear from Superintendent of Sault St. Marie Public Schools Timothy Hall, who opposes letting gun owners carry concealed weapons in schools.

Michigan legislators are debating measures that would change the regulation of guns in schools and other public places. One of the measures, Senate bill 442, would allow exempted gun owners to carry concealed weapons in gun free zones. Supporters say shootings in public spaces like schools would go down if perpetrators knew other armed people could be in the building.

Many others, including our next guest, insist guns have no place in schools and that more will not help and could worsen the situation. Many of them support a House measure that would ban all guns in Michigan schools. It’s sponsored by Democratic Representative Andy Schor of Lansing.

Current State talks with Timothy Hall, Superintendent of schools in Sault St. Marie School and a licensed gun-owner and hunter who testified against the Senate concealed carry measure last week at the state capitol.