Lansing Schools superintendent on budget, arts ed, and future of Eastern

May 30, 2014

Eastern High School is Lansing's oldest remaining high school building.
Credit Flickr- New City One

The Lansing School District is facing a projected $6-million budget deficit next year. The school board has authorized privatization of the district’s bus system and the layoffs of up to 95 employees.

The cuts are just the latest in the district, which has regularly faced similar, often larger, deficits in recent years. The district’s finances worsened during the Great Recession, with both declining property tax revenues and state funding, as well as with declining enrollment.

Current State talks with Lansing School's Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul about finances and other important district business. She says the two cuts that they have made will not fully close the $6-million deficit and adds that a budget committee has been assembled to analyze further changes that need to be made.