LIVE MUSIC: Brush Street with Michael Brush and Julie Mulady

Mar 14, 2014

Julie Mulady sings as Michael Brush accompanies her on the Steinway piano in WKAR's Studio S.
Credit Libby Lussenhop

Today's live music on Current State comes from Brush Street, a jazz duo featuring Julie Mulady. Brush Street, started by band leader Michael Brush, is a popular Michigan blues and jazz group from the Saginaw area.

The group has played multiple local musical events, such as Saginaw Pride’s Friday Night Live, Saginaw on Stage, and the Michigan Jazz trail, and continues to bring both original and contemporary songs to the public.

Michael Brush is a retired music educator with the Saginaw Public Schools, a composer, and recognized jazz pianist. Julie Mulady is an elementary school teacher for the Saginaw Public Schools and has a broad background in theater.

Mulady says she and Brush  were teachers together, and they've been making music together for over ten years.