Mar 13, 2015


Donny Brown, former drummer for the Verve Pipe, in Studio S. Accompanied by Abbey Hoffman on vocals and Kay Rinker O'Neil on flute and vocals.
Credit WKAR/April Van Buren

   One of Michigan’s top recording and touring acts over the last 20 years was The Verve Pipe. Their highest charting single was “The Freshman”, which peaked at number 5 on the U.S. record charts in 1996.  The drummer in those days was Donny Brown. Now, Donny's stepped out from behind the drum set and taken up the guitar for his solo act. His new E.P. “Hess Street”, which was named after the Saginaw street he grew up on, came out late last year. 

 Donny joined us in Studio S for a Live Music Friday and brought along some friends. He was joined by Hank Horton on electric bass, Abbey Hoffman on vocals, and Kay Rinker O'Neil on flute and vocals.  You can see a video of their performance on Current State's Facebook page.