Michigan National Guard cleans up lead in more than 30 armory sites

Jan 28, 2016

Current State learns about the Michigan National Guard's efforts to clean up lead contaminated armory sites.

As the state facilities manager, Captain Delbert Avery oversees the Michigan National Guard's program to clean up lead dust at some 30 armories across the state.
Credit Kevin Lavery / WKAR

The Flint Water Crisis has brought the issue of lead poisoning to the national dialogue in an unprecedented way.

Lead is among the heaviest known elements. When ingested, it can cause an array of neurological effects, from slurred speech to seizures, and even death. Most cases of lead inhalation come from exposure to paint chips or lead dust.

The Michigan National Guard is tackling the issue at more than 30 of its own properties across the state. Current State’s Kevin Lavery visited the Grand Ledge armory, where the group was cleaning up lead residue from mechanical equipment.